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The Shingles Vaccination Program has begun!


Starting November 2016, the Shingles vaccination will be free for all adults from 70 – 79 years of age.

What is Shingles?  It’s a painful blistering rash caused by reactivation of the varicella zoster virus – the same virus that causes chickenpox. The shingles rash occurs when the dormant chickenpox virus is reactivated in the nerve tissue, causing inflammation of the nerves. Sometimes pain in the affected region can be severe and prolonged. When it lasts more than 3 months it is called post herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Other less common complications may include scarring, skin infections, loss of vision or hearing, pneumonia, or neurological complications. It is a vaccine preventable disease through a single dose of the Zostavax®. This can be given to adults 50 years of over.

Please walk-in or make an appointment for the Shingles vaccination.









Women’s Health Check – Pap Smears




If you’re aged between 25 and 69 years and have ever been sexually active you should have regular Pap tests (every 5 years), even if you’ve had the cervical cancer vaccine. Regular Pap tests can reduce your risk of being diagnosed with cervical cancer by up to 96%.

If you are due for a Pap smear, here are a few things you need to know:

Booking a consultation for a Pap smear:
Please advise reception if you would like to have a pap smear. Pap smears require an appointment slot with the Doctor.
For discretion, you can request to have a Women’s Health Check or book it online using Appointuit or our website.

Pap smears incur a private fee.
By the Doctor: Out of pocket cost: $32.90 You pay: $105.70 – Medicare rebate*: $72.80
By the Nurse: Out of pocket cost: $32.90*

Was your last Pap smear more than 4 years ago? Please advise reception and your Doctor.

Questions or concerns? Speak to one of our friendly staff or visit our website

*Nurse Pap Smears only performed on Thursdays & Fridays.


Child Friendly Policy

Birkenhead Medical Centre is a family practice, which is open 7 days a week.

We understand the importance of your child’s health and to demonstrate that their health is important to us too, all children who are under the age of 16 will be bulked billed with an appointment or as a walk in patient. If you have an enquiries please contact the practice.


City 2 Surf 2015

Congratulations to all the staff that participated in this year’s City2Surf.

It was a beautiful sunny day to race from the inner city out with picturesque Bondi Beach. Thank you to everyone who joined us and supported us.









This year we raised funds for Camp Quality a charity that supports children with cancer and their families since 1983. Camp quality believes in the power of positive thinking and that optimistic and resilient behaviours are fundamental psychology skills required for the cancer journey. Caring for children and their families goes beyond just treatment and medication.

Big thank you to Essential Medical Imaging for sponsoring us.



Appointuit App Competition

Birkenhead Medical Centre would like to welcome all existing and new patients to participate in our Appointuit Lucky Draw.
Over the next month all patients who use our Appointuit app will go directly in the running to win a lunch for 2 at 4P Cucina valued at $50.
Conditions of Entry:
– Must be a patient of Birkenhead
– Must be able to provide proof of appointuit registration (i.e. screenshot, email confirmation)

For more information about 4P Cucina, please visit their page on Facebook or Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre.

For more details contact the practice, or pop in and speak to staff next time you’re near.
Good Luck!