Why do we charge a fee for medical services?

At Birkenhead Medical Centre the quality care that you receive is a product of the dedication and expertise of our staff and a modern, well-equipped facility.

Current and previous governments have failed to regularly increase the Medicare rebates. This means Medicare rebates have never kept pace with the cost of living and have never covered the true cost of delivering quality medical care.

      • Fee Changes

A fee is now being introduced but we are aiming to keep your overall ‘out of pocket” expense to a minimum.

We are conscious that some of our patients are unable to afford the fee; therefore we offer bulk billing to children under the age of 16, Students with a valid ID card, patients over 65 and Pension/Concession Card Holders Monday-Friday.

This change is required so that Birkenhead Medical Centre can continue to provide you and your family with high quality healthcare whilst also covering the ever increasing costs of running a business in Sydney especially while under a Medicare freeze environment.

Birkenhead Medical Centre has chosen to continue to subsidise your healthcare by setting our fees lower than the current recommended fee schedule set by the Medical Association of Australia (AMA).

      • Medicare EzyClaim

Birkenhead Medical Centre provides Medicare Ezyclaim for all rebates. Funds are directly deposited back onto your debit card instantly. Please enquire at reception for more information.

      • Our Current Fees

Private Fees

Medicare Rebates

Out of pocket expense

Standard Consult




Standard Consult
(after hours*)




Long consult




Long consult (after hours*)




Prolonged Consult




Prolonged consult
(after hours*)





*After hours: After 1pm on Saturday, all day Sunday and public holidays and before 8am on weekdays.

      • Children & Concession Card Holders

These patients will be bulk billed for booked appointments on weekdays.

Walk-in, Weekend and Public Holiday appointments a discounted fee will be applicable at the time of consultation. Please inquire with reception for more information.

      • Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend for a scheduled appointment, please contact us to cancel or change your appointment time. A fee will be charged for failure to attend or cancellation with less than 2 hours notice. (Please note: this fee is not Medicare rebatable).

      • Procedural Fees 

All procedures will incur a private including Women’s Health Check (Pap Smear), Implanon Insertion/Removal, Skin Checks and Skin Resections.

      • Additional Fees 

Pre-employment medical assessments and other medical assessments are also privately billed.

Any consultations requiring additional services may be charged a procedural equipment fee of between $10 – $50.

Travel vaccines will incur a private fee also for the purchase of the vaccine as they are not covered by Medicare.

Your doctor will explain any additional costs to you and obtain your consent prior to any treatment received.


Please contact us for the most updated private fee schedule on 8070 6888 and to make your next appointment.