Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow fever vaccination is available at Birkenhead Medical Centre (Drummoyne). The cost of the vaccine is $120 for the yellow fever vaccine but the medical consultation is Bulk Billed on Weekdays and Private Billed on Weekends. We are located inside Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre (Ground Floor 19 Roseby St Drummoyne, next to Amcal Chemist near food court).  To make an appointment for your yellow fever vaccination Call us on 9719 3888. You may be required to be immunised against Yellow Fever if you are travelling to certain parts of South America including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Panama and more (see Yellow Fever Locations in South America Map). You may also be required to have a Yellow Fever vaccination if you are travelling to parts of Middle Africa including Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and more (see Yellow Fever Locations in Africa Map)

Yellow fever declared places (from 1 August 2009, Department of Health Australia)
Africa South America & Central America
Angola Guinea-Bissau Argentina – Misiones Province
Benin Kenya Bolivia
Burkina Faso Liberia Brazil
Burundi Mali Colombia
Cameroon Mauritania Ecuador excluding Galapagos Islands
Central African Republic Niger French Guiana
Chad Nigeria Guyana
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Rwanda Panama
Congo, Republic of the Sao Tome and Principe Paraguay
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Senegal Peru
Equatorial Guinea Sierra Leone Suriname
Ethiopia Somalia Trinidad and Tobago
Gabon Sudan Venezuela
Gambia Tanzania
Ghana Togo
Guinea Uganda

From Department of Health – Yellow Fever Information Here